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Man: Once more into the breach...

Posted by b2wm on 02.28.2008 at 9.36.pm
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The prompt of day is "Sword."

Title: Boys Ruin Everything
Rating: G
Pairing:(if there are any) Eowyn/practice blade
Summary: When Theodred comes barreling down on his sister, Eomer gets pulled into something he's not sure he's ready to face.
Warning:(if there are any) This one is definitely getting extended someday, but it's right at 150 words as is.

“Eowyn! What do you think you’re doing?” All too often, Eomer had seen his elder cousin come bearing down upon him with that look that promised death. Curious despite himself, and slightly fearful for his younger sister, Eomer inched out of the armory and followed carefully in Theodred’s wake.

“You and Eomer don’t use them anymore,” the girl sniffed. “I asked Uncle and he said that I could play with it if I wished.” Her grip on the wooden sword was desperate, defiant, daring either of her elder kinsmen to try to take it away.

“Eowyn,” Theodred said again in a softer voice, squatting in front of her. “Look; you’re holding it all wrong. You need a strong grip on the haft if you’re to swing it with all your might. Give me a hand, Eomer.” He readjusted the girl’s hands, motioning her brother over.

“No! Boys ruin everything.”


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sheiannasherra at 2008-03-02 09:17 (UTC) (Link)
This is such a teaser! It definitely needs to be lengthened and look forward to reading the longer version. As an entry for the challenge, it's excellent! I love the idea that Theordred would want to help Eowyn to learn to use the sword correctly! (btw, if I'm slightly incoherent, it's 4:16 am and I'm wishing I could get back to sleep, but I wanted to comment now, after my first reading!) Another 20 points for the Race of Men!
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