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Denethor /Finduilas, magic 8 palantir, Havelock Hurin

Message for you, sir!

Posted by b2wm on 05.11.2010 at 8.59.am
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Figured I'd post it here first, since it was this challenge plus some old movieverse Denethor fics that inspired me. Yes, I've skipped the "family" prompt, but I always come back to my first fandom sooner or later, so I may get a full Theodred set yet.

Prompt: Red
Title (if any): You'll Shoot Your Eye Out
Word Count: 155 (I'm a heavy thinker.)
Characters: Theodred, Boromir, Faramir, and Theoden
Rating: G
Warnings (if any): Boys will be boys... Not mine, though.

“I think you need to aim it higher.”Collapse )

fma, human, mercy kill

Man: Once more into the breach...

Posted by b2wm on 02.28.2008 at 9.36.pm
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The prompt of day is "Sword."

Title: Boys Ruin Everything
Rating: G
Pairing:(if there are any) Eowyn/practice blade
Summary: When Theodred comes barreling down on his sister, Eomer gets pulled into something he's not sure he's ready to face.
Warning:(if there are any) This one is definitely getting extended someday, but it's right at 150 words as is.

Eowyn!Collapse )

fangirl, crackbunnies, Potter

Man: A prompt a day...

Posted by b2wm on 02.27.2008 at 8.47.pm
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Is probably not gonna happen, but as long as the bunnies are spamming me, why not? ;) Prompt #2 is Fear.

Title: Unconquerable
Rating: PG
Pairing:(if there are any) Let's go with Eomer/proper lance technique.
Summary: Eomer has nothing to fear but fear itself, right?
Warning:(if there are any) Er, canonical character death and gleeful embrace of ellipses and italics? I don't own 'em.

Fear, Eomer eventually realized, was something that a man never really conquered.Collapse )

Denethor /Finduilas, magic 8 palantir, Havelock Hurin

Man: It's that day again...

Posted by b2wm on 02.26.2008 at 12.45.pm
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And so, I come bearing the first of my twenty prompts, the "love" drabble.

Title: The Greatest of Loves
Rating: G
Pairing:(if there are any) Reference to Beren/Luthien, otherwise, it's a cousin thing. Pharazon wouldn't understand, though Boromir and Theodred do.
Summary: He tried to teach her because he'd rather die than see his little cousin have anything less than a love like Luthien's.
Warning:(if there are any) Boromir with Lothiriel or Theodred with Eowyn? Your choice. I don't own them either way.

Most of the traditional love ballads spoke of soft beauties, sweet and gentle women who withered when taken away from that which they loved most.Collapse )

Denethor /Finduilas, magic 8 palantir, Havelock Hurin

Man for the Stranger in a Strange Land Challenge

Posted by b2wm on 12.25.2007 at 9.51.pm
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Two months later and I'm finally back in the LotR fandom. Happy Mettare, all!

Title: The Killing Lands
Rating: PG
Pairing:(if there are any) Random Haradrim/his homeland
Summary: After the War of the Ring, they say Harad is dead.
Warning:(if there are any) None, save perhaps fandom rustiness.

They say our lands are dead.Collapse )

fma, human, mercy kill

Man: a Little Things Drabble

Posted by b2wm on 09.16.2007 at 10.29.pm
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Title: Growing Trouble
Rating: G
Pairing:(if there are any) Hamfast Gamgee/Gardening
Summary: Bookverse, prequest: The garden at Bag-End gets worse every year. Or maybe it's just his knees.
Warning:(if there are any) A small bit of premediated violence to plant life; not reccomended for Ents. ;) Hamfast is Tolkien's.

There were more stones in the garden this year.Collapse )

Denethor /Finduilas, magic 8 palantir, Havelock Hurin

And now for something completely different:

Posted by b2wm on 09.02.2007 at 2.13.am
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Fluffy nonchallenge expansion Man-fic.

Title: "Up!"
Rating: G
Pairing:(if there are any) Imrahil/his wife, Ainaelin, and Denethor/Finduilas are at least implied, though it's mostly a gen family moment.
Summary: Imrahil's youngest is moving up in the world.
Warning:(if there are any) Keep the insulin dispensers to hand - I wrote something extra fluffy after my last fic. I don't always agree with Denethor, but that makes writing him more fun. Not my characters, though Ainaelin and Emeriel (or for that matter, Denethor's eldest sister,) don't get jack from canon, save their implied existence.

Denethor examined the hairy young thing seated upon the oversized mongrel before him.Collapse )

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Man: Kicking off the End Challenge

Posted by b2wm on 08.23.2007 at 11.06.pm
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Title: The Eagles Are Coming
Rating: PG to PG-13 for vaguely disturbing subject matter. Hi, Akallabeth.
Pairing:(if there are any) None.
Summary: In the end, the Valar will save the Faithful.
Warning:(if there are any) OC (with slight in-joke name) and character death. (Suppose it's only fitting that this is the first fic I've posted publically since my laptop was deaded.) Tolkien owns the plot.

Morloke wanted to put her hands over her eyes, but then there would be nothing to muffle the screams.Collapse )


Elf (Fic: "A History To Tell")

Posted by songs_of_winter on 08.22.2007 at 9.37.pm
Current Music: Gary Jules - Mad World
I will preface this post by saying that the fic itself is several years old. I posted it originally on a LOTR fic list via Yahoo Groups, so it's quite possible that you've seen it before. However, I'm working on continuing the series and could really use both feedback and encouragement to actually finish what I'm working on.

The first fic I wrote in this vein was called Finding Love... but due to the guidelines of not posting fic with a rating above R (it has a NC-17 rating on it), I won't be posting it here. It is on my website, though. If you go to my profile, there is a link to my site there and both fics are actually posted there. Basically what happened when I posted Finding Love is that I received a great many requests to fill in my original character's back-story. That's where "A History..." came from.

So, without further delay...

Title: "A History to Tell"
Rating: PG
Characters: Legolas, original character
Summary: A brief history of an original character, told from her point of view.
The story follows...Collapse )

Idiots, shiny, Discworld, idiots, Sir Sam

Man: If I don't start the July Challenge, who will?

Posted by b2wm on 07.10.2007 at 10.39.am
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To refresh your memories, since we've been getting a lot of good fic for the June challenge, this month's inoffical challenge is A Meeting of Minds, featuring the interactions between different races.

Title: Love and Weakness
Rating: PG
Pairing:(if there are any) Mithrellas/Imrazor (I <3 Dol Amroth. They get the coolest Anduniac and Sindarin names.) ;)
Summary: Mithrellas is no Luthien.
Warning:(if there are any) Partially inspired by the Arwen vs. Luthien 2007 debate at discuss_realm.

I will not ask for your forgiveness, for there is no earning it.Collapse )

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